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So according to the movie Back to the Future Part II, by the year of our lord 2015 there are supposed to be 19 movies in the Jaws franchise.  As of January 2014, there are only 4.  I personally see this as an enormous travesty, which is why I’m calling on the internet to rectify this grievous mistake.

I challenge the geek community, the web community, the YouTube community, the film community, the time travel community, the hypothetical Jaws community, and the local community college to answer my call and create 15 new JAWS feature-length movies before October 21st, 2015.

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Film Institute, and British Film Institute, a feature film has to be at least 40 minutes long.  So even if your film is 40 straight minutes of a rubber shark floating quietly in a bathtub, it still fulfills what I am asking of you in the challenge, and it is still probably a more entertaining watch than Jaws: the Revenge.

So grab your camera phones, a bucket, and that inflatable shark you bought at the dollar store, because it’s showtime.  Live-action, stop-motion, puppets, pencil animation, CG, piss on film- it doesn’t matter how you create the movie!  Just go and make the 2015 of Back to the Future II a reality.

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as someone who is kiiiinda obsessed with the jaws franchise (and with sharks), i support this message 1800%

How do you intend to make Jaws 19 holographic

Still got a year for that to get figured out, it’s the other 14 we need to handle

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Quick question for y’all:

If I were to start taking commissions, would any of you guys be interested? 0w0

I would be offering anything from simple sketches to full colored digitals to paintings and marker paintings. I’ve just always wanted to do i so maybe I should try?

If you want, take a gander at my Art Blog or  DA page (which badly needs updating!) to see what I can do.

Let me know!



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